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Harmonious development and win-win cooperation
Publisher:admin Date:2019-07-29 Number of visits:1753

Through continuous pioneering and enterprising, with outstanding quality, reasonable price and perfect service, the company has received strong support and praise from both old and new customers. With its business growing steadily and its scale expanding continuously, it has developed into a large engineering plastics distribution company with business branches in many raw material markets in South China. All raw materials of our company are in accordance with ROHS environmental protection standard and SONY-SS00259 certification. All raw materials can provide physical data, UL yellow card, SGS test report, MSDS material safety data, factory test report. Quality, integrity, professionalism and service are the company's business philosophy, with the support of market information. In order to provide the most favorable service before guaranteeing quality, we strive to establish a stable, diversified and comprehensive cooperative relationship with our customers at home and abroad. We believe that through our sincere service, we can become your trustworthy friend.

The new materials sold by our company are guaranteed to be genuine and genuine. The company operates all kinds of engineering plastics raw materials (new materials and modified materials) all year round, including PA46, PA66, PA6, PA612, PA12, LCP, PEI, TPE, TPU, TPV, PPS, PPO, PA6, PA66, PBT, PC/ABS, PET, PMMA, POM, ABS PP TPEE TPO (fibrillation, transparency, fire resistance and impact resistance), etc. Bong, Dutch DSM, Asahikawa, Tekona, Swiss EMS, Japanese Emperor, Mitsubishi, Taiwan Chimei, Bayer, Germany, Dow, Japanese Polytechnic, Japanese Sumitomo, Korean LG, Toray, Umo, Basf, USA, Japan, etc.

In today's information age, the network has become a hot pursuit, there are "who can take the lead in the network, who can survive in the fierce competition." Of course, our enterprises are not willing to lag behind, so we look at a number of network platforms, in which to find suitable platforms for our enterprises. Just when I was in trouble for it, one of my colleagues, of course, was a good friend for many years. I introduced "Global Plastic Network" to me. I felt very angry when I heard the name of the platform, and felt that the company must be very large. Through the plastic network salesman detailed introduction of the customer groups faced by the plastic network, as well as its promotion program. We have a better understanding of plastic mesh. I think it is very suitable to promote our company's products. So we chose a low-cost, high-return global plastic network.

Now we have been cooperating with plastic net for some time. I hope our cooperation will be more harmonious and more pleasant in the future. Once again, I wish each other a better business!

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