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Three Difficulties Urgently Needed to be Solved in the Plastic Processing Indust
Publisher:admin Date:2019-07-29 Number of visits:973

In recent years, plastics processing industry is facing many problems, such as flat market demand, high pressure on labor costs, financing difficulties of enterprises, environmental constraints and so on. With the domestic economic development entering a new normal stage, the plastic processing industry has been further developed and promoted. The downward pressure of plastic processing industry has increased this year, but it has maintained steady growth. No matter in terms of output, main business income, profit and tax, profit, export volume, etc., it has increased over the previous year, but the growth rate has declined. At present, the development of plastic processing industry is facing three major difficulties.

(1) The downward pressure has increased and the growth rate has continued to slow down. After an average super-high growth rate of 20.1% in the 11th Five-Year Plan period, the growth rate of plastic processing industry continued to slow down during the 12th Five-Year Plan period. It is estimated that the average growth rate in the 12th Five-Year Plan is about 10%, which is about 10 percentage points lower than the average annual growth rate in the 11th Five-Year Plan, indicating that the plastic processing industry is entering a new normal state of medium and high-speed growth.

(2) Benefits have declined and business difficulties have increased. At present, the cost of factors of production of enterprises is increasing, the constraints of resources, environment and energy are strengthened in an all-round way, and the profit margin of enterprises is greatly reduced. Profit growth of the whole industry has declined year by year, from 32.5% in 2011 to 4.24% in 2014. In 2014, the profit margin of main business income was 5.8%, which was basically equal to the interest rate of bank loans in the same period, and far lower than the actual interest rate of enterprise loans. This not only caused the poor efficiency of enterprises, but also made the problem of difficult loans and expensive loans more prominent.

(3) Structural and phased overcapacity has not yet been effectively alleviated. Structural and phased overcapacity is the concentrated reflection of unreasonable product structure in plastic processing industry. A major obstacle to achieving healthy and sustainable development. At present, the problem of low-end excess capacity has not been effectively solved. It surpasses the market demand, and the stage excess capacity caused by blind introduction has not been effectively solved, while high-end products still need to be imported in large quantities. For example, in the case of serious overcapacity of general packaging film in biaxial stretching industry, the production capacity of lithium-ion battery diaphragm is expected to reach 2.3 billion square meters in 2015, which greatly exceeds the global demand and forms a new overcapacity. The proportion of high-end diaphragm imports reaches 90%, and the total diaphragm import rate reaches 70%.

With the promulgation of the 13th Five-Year Plan, the plastic processing industry has entered a new stage of innovation-driven development, facing the important task of striding towards high-end and accelerating industrial upgrading. China's plastics processing owners should mainly introduce, imitate and invite investment for development. Their technical strength is weak, their innovation ability is insufficient, and their core technology is lacking. Therefore, the problem of homogeneity in the industry is serious, mainly in the production of middle and low-grade products, and they are short of research and development and production of high-end products. At present, the plastic processing industry is facing the double pressure of slowing down the growth rate and increasing the cost of production factors, and increasing the constraints of resources, environment and energy in an all-round way.

The plastics processing industry has moved from a high-speed development stage to a mature development stage. Faced with such internal and external unfavorable factors as weak demand, high cost, excessive capacity and weak technical force, enterprises need to accelerate the upgrading of their technical strength, transform their profit model, and promote industrial upgrading under the guidance of the 13th Five-Year Plan, in combination with the industrial Internet strategy. To achieve "high-end technology industrialization, intelligence, Internet +, micro molding" development.

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